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"Map" by Amanda Bird

Number 32

As usual, when he tried to be the dad I never had, instead of my boss, I laughed in his face and skulled the rest of my pint.

"Miscommunication" by Terminally Chill

Lonely Heart

You can usually tell from their profiles and, if not from there, definitely from their messages. Some of them are filthy from the off.

Photo taken by Pearl Grey


“One will make you grow taller, and the other will make you grow shorter.” The girl is laughing into my face and she is very beautiful, and all I can see is her and the bright lights behind her, and I know I have to choose or she might stop laughing so I drink the shot on the left and she takes my hand.

Asian Elephant by Tomo Yun


Peter had first heard the word “safari” as a young boy and the exotic glamour of the word breathed adventure into his brain. It was something rare, something that only adventurous, fabulously wealthy people did. Not for the likes of him. He would only get to see the Big Five by thumbing through National Geographic.