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1 image. 6 writers. 1 week… Elephant Words is a burst-culture daily fiction website. Each Sunday, an image is posted.
Over the following week, each of six authors take their turn to write something inspired by that image.


Your commitment as a writer is for 1 piece per week for 6 weeks, plus providing 1 image for one of those weeks.

Requirement for posting is by 6pm (UK time) on the scheduled day.

Post Dating – You don’t have to publish/write on your scheduled day itself – you can do it in advance and schedule the piece to go live at a date/time in the future.

Backdating – This should be the exception rather than the rule! But if you miss a day you commit go back to fill in the gap and adjust the date to sit correctly in the schedules.

‘Your day’ is different each week as you publish a piece every 6 days, so if you’re scheduled to post on Thursday this week, you’ll be on Wednesday the week after and on Tuesday the week after that. See the schedule at http://elephantwords.co.uk/schedule/ to see how it works.

You will also be expected to provide an image once in each six-week cycle – on that week your name will be one the schedule twice – on Sunday (to post the image) and on Saturday (to write your piece).


Writing Guidelines

Write about whatever and however you want!

Writing length can be from 2 words upwards, but please stay under our 800 words maximum length as this adds a level of discipline and helps keep things more digestible for readers.


Images Guidelines

Images you provide must belong to you or be used with consent of the owners. On the occasions where that hasn’t been the case in the past, we have been asked to remove images from the website, which then leaves a hole in the archives where nobody knows what the inspiration was for a week’s worth of writing. Please link to and credit the original image source if that’s appropriate.

When posting your image, please set its width to 512px by selecting ‘Custom Size’ from the dropdown in the Edit Image screen.



Reading and commenting on each other’s work is encouraged as it helps everyone with their craft. It also helps motivate writers to hit our deadlines if we get interaction suggesting that people are waiting to read our pieces.


Social Media

To help grow the site readership, it is good to be able to tag the writers and for them to share their writing (and the site) amongst their own groups so please like the FB page at www.facebook.com/elephantwords and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/elephantwords to enable us to easily tag you in your work.


Setting up your Profile – What we need from you

We will need to set your Writers Profile up for you – like the ones at http://elephantwords.co.uk/writers/ – before your rotation begins. You need to provide us with your preferred username, a short bio (from 2-4 sentences is perfect) and a 150px by 200px photo that will work in black and white (we can crop/edit the photo for you if needed).

Some writers prefer to use a pseudonym (which is fine!) but we prefer where possible to be able to credit and link to our writers as it helps with Social Media. If you have your own website you’d like us to add to our Rollcall, give us details of that too.


Using the Site

The site is built using a WordPress management system, which most people find simple to use, but we can help you come to grips with if needed.


We have written a couple of short guides to help you out;



More about Elephant Words

Since 2007 the premise of the Elephant Words site is simple: each Sunday, one writer posts a picture and every day for the next six days, they and five other writers interpret it for your entertainment. There are six featured writers (Elephants) at any one time and every six weeks the roster changes.

The writers can be as literal or as “out there” with how much they allow the image to inspire them and their brief is to write whatever they want, as long as they do it interestingly and on time. So the readers get to enjoy prose, poetry, the occasional cartoon, in genres ranging across the board, from fiction to anecdotal autobiography, science-fiction to period drama… the possibilities are only limited by the contributors’ imaginations.

What we can guarantee is that daily, from Monday to Saturday, we will do our best to entertain you and try to show you writing that is fresh and engaging. Check back regularly, or subscribe to us using the RSS feed, and we don’t think you will be disappointed!

For background on the inspiration behind Elephant Words, visit http://elephantwords.co.uk/about/inspiration.

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