The driving forces of this website are inspiration, interpretation and providing a place and an incentive for writers to produce fresh and interesting writing. We understand that it is sometimes difficult to be productive or push oneself to be creative with all the distractions that life has to offer… in fact, that is the main reason the site was formed!

Although the site will only have six official contributors at any one time, we would like our readers to benefit from the same exercises as we do. If you are a writer or an artist, or even a doodler or scribbler who would like to push yourself to do more with the words and pictures that occur to you, we invite you to interpret the Sunday Images posted here too.

If you come up with something that you want to share, we are always interested to read or see other people’s work, and you never know: Each writer only has to give a commitment of six weeks, so if you make an impression you may be asked to contribute to the actual site before long!

If you’d rather post your work on your own blog, website or other online place (such as a social networking site), we would love to hear about it, and may even link our readers to you… and we’d appreciate it if you would link your piece back to us, too.

The e-mail address to send your work or links to us is: