04/05/08-10/05/08: Boat Drinks

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On 04/05/09, we posted this image:

Boat Drinks, originally uploaded by Nick Papaconstantinou.

This image inspired six very different pieces of writing. Excerpts of each follow, and you can read each post in full by clicking on its excerpt. Once you have, you can leave a comment on the post or in the forum, or navigate to the next or last piece using the calendar or the links at the top and bottom of each post.

To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” by Rol Hirst

“What’ll it be, bud?”

“Whisky. Doubles. Line ‘em up. And keep ‘em coming till I tell you otherwise.”

“Sure thing, pal… It’s a woman, right?”

“Ha! No. No, it’s not a woman. It’s not a woman… it’s all of them, man. Every single… Look, you really want to hear this? You really want to…?”

“Hey, it’s a slow night. I sometimes find a story helps pass it quicker. Only if you want to though.”

I Don’t Want To Take On Me” by Josh Hechinger

Girls who make you mixtapes are the best girls in the world. On this, I shit you not.

(Guys who make mixtapes are, well, guys.)

Anyway. This one girl? She made a friend of mine a mash-up mixtape once. This was before the Grey Album, before mash-ups became a thing. Which means this girl was, like, foreseeing a whole musical…thingie…just to covertly tell my friend she liked him.

We should all be so lucky.

There’s Always Someone New For It” by Douglas Noble

When they first arrived, slipping in between cracks and fissures, sliding under doors and past hinges, it was as though they’d been here forever. You’d see them on the street, all shimmer and stop-motion, but you wouldn’t stop yourself to stare.

Blood, Whiskey, Glass” by Xander Bennett

‘Alcohol’ was ‘al-ghul’ in Arabic, an old borrowed word that wormed its way into English. It literally means ’spirit’, which makes you smile on the inside. And somewhere, somehow, it also split off and became ‘ghoul’. There’s baggage attached to that word, and magic too. But it’s not the proper word for the occasion.

El Capitan” by David Baillie

‘Sure, I can taking a freakin’ joke,’ said the Captain as he poured a second shot from the glass-green glass bottle.

Rumour had it the Captain had never been captain of anything – perhaps never even served in any military body. Rumour had it the captain had once been a stage magician – a shit one. Rumour had it the captain’s sister was hot.

Gray’s Anatomy” by Nicolas Papaconstantinou

Harris Pax and Jonni Sood walk down into their favourite pub. The pub sits underground, and in the heat of the first of the hottest summer days of the year, it is a relief to be in the cool. Not for these two the peculiar pleasures of the great new English tradition of the binge drink, nor its companions the angry head, and the sun-burnt naked chest.

The pub, by the way, is called Best Bar None, and there’s not much more you need to know about it, beyond that it’s gloomy and yet paradoxically more friendly than the other pubs on this Southerton high street, and its setting wrestles with the owning brewery’s desire to see it trendy.

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