Scarlet paint over her goose-bumped skin, golden hoops pushed through her softest flesh and hanging like needless ornaments, a chocolate cascade of hair pouring past the nape of her neck and over her shoulders;

Her lips parted in wordless instruction, “Shh…”

Frozen, hardly breathing, I was held in her gaze until it was broken – barely – by her challenge.

“So tell me,” she said “without saying a word.”

I was confused.

She leaned in close the second time, and just the thought of her warm breath set my neck a-chill.

“Tell me, without me hearing. Show me, without my seeing. Move me without touching.”

Suddenly I knew what I needed to do. And soon our grins were mirrored.



This piece inspired by an Elephant Words image originally posted at http://elephantwords.co.uk/2015/06/14/confession-3/.

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