Meet Me On The Nightbus

“Reds and ambers and west-end winters;

Snowflake decor and late-night sinners.”


Meet me on the nightbus on the edge of Out and Home

Meet me where the lines will blur of comp’ny and alone

Meet me on the upstairs deck with its heightened edge of danger

Or meet me on a bench-seat and asleep next to a stranger


Meet me dodging eye-contact while wanting it from others

Wond’ring how much cabs would cost and why anybody bothers

Meet me as we try to not read o’er someone’s shoulder

And meet me in non-judgement of how the guy she’s with is older


Meet me breathing donner-fumes with chip-envy to match it

Meet me in a hunger-haze ‘cause you ran past food to catch it

Meet me making drunken cracks and very-pleased-to-meetcha

Meet me in joyful surprise at the girl sharing her pizza


Meet me lip-read-guessing songs and dance to headphone-leak

Meet me sending ex-texts I’ll regret within a week

Meet me stumbling off the bus one stop after my own

Why are you still with me? You are so not coming home!



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