Twenty Six Hangers

This is so weird; it feels a little like our first date or something… Oh hush up sister, you have a filthy mind!!

Oh God, he’ll be here soon. Mmm-hmm. He’s getting a cab over. I was going to, yes bu… I know, I wanted to meet him there, too. Proper welcome, you know?.. STOP IT! Of course I will be! Can you imagine if the cab driver helped him with his stuff and I answer the door like that, I’d die!

Do you think he’ll like it? It’ll be so different for him… this is such a big thing.

.. Do you think so?.. Yeah, we talked about that, but people meet and fall for each other and make it work all the time, every relationship has its.. I don’t know.. ‘things’, right? Challenges.

I brought another chest of drawers in, and a little table for the other side of the bed. And cleared out some space in the wardrobe. I even made space in the kitchen so he can get stuff for in there of his own if he wants. I just want him to feel… yeah I know. But what if he doesn’t have much stuff? His place was pretty basic, it’s not like they have loads and I don’t want to overload him.

Uh-huh. There’s garlic lamb in the oven on low. It’ll be fine for 2ish if he’s hungry when he gets here, but it’ll still be good if we don’t want it til late tonight or even tomorrow… I know, mum would have taken the piss if she knew I was using one of her recipes. I think she would have liked him, you know? I hope she would have.

..Me too, Ali.

So are you still going to come over tomorrow?.. No, I wouldn’t have suggested it if… you’re trying to make me blush now! OK then, how about if I text you first thing if he wants to get out and explore and we can all go, but if you haven’t heard from me by 10, then leave it til early evening. That way we can have some Sunday “us time” on our … Wow. We really need to get you laid, huh?! I need to remind David about that ‘honouring you with his body’ vow!

I need to finish off before he gets here… love you too, Annoying Oldest Sibling.

Love you.



…It will be alright, won’t it?..




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