Riley’s Rats

There are more rats in New York City than there are people.  Whilst the rats consider humans to be a pest, they do enjoy the copious amount of food discarded by the large fleshy beasts.

Maurice and Sam were beloved New York City rats who occupied the crevices of Brooklyn’s most prestigious home for the elderly, Giuliani Manor. As long as these portly creatures avoided being seen by the cleaning crew and management they could feast on the leftovers piling up after mealtime.

Many residents, seemingly forgotten by family, enjoyed the rats’ company and would hide food in their rooms in the hopes of receiving a visit from Maurice or Sam or perhaps both – now that was a party! Their biggest fan was a resident named Riley, a World War II veteran who survived long enough to turn 90 and develop Alzheimer’s.  Riley would crawl through the corridors peering into holes and small empty spaces muttering about wanting to feed the furry animals. The staff assumed the Alzheimer’s was taking over and never caught on to the truth of his quest. The other residents worried that one day Riley’s antics would tip off the powers-that-be and that would be the end of Maurice and Sam.  It seemed no personal connection, even an inter-species one, was on solid ground when one became a resident of Giuliani Manor.

The celebration that ensued following Riley’s death surprised the Manor staff but not enough for them to hang around and listen to the conversations detailing everyone’s relief that Riley wasn’t around to draw attention to the rats.  Maurice and Sam ate especially well following the party and the secret lived another day.











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