I Can Do Magic

I found it right at the back of the bathroom cupboard. It was under a pack of nappy wipes so it must have been there a long time because I haven’t used those for AGES, I’m a Big Girl now.

I didn’t know what it was, but it was very cold so that means it was metal and I could see it was very sharp like a tiny little sword. I’m not supposed to touch sharp things or hot things, so I got my toothbrush and sellotaped it to the brush part so that it’s like a magic wand.

Grandma was sleeping on the sofa. Mummy and Daddy had gone out, for the first time in ages, so I had to be a very good girl for Grandma so they could enjoy their night out. But Grandma fell asleep after dinner so I got really bored. I didn’t want to wake her up because she looked happy.

So I went upstairs to play treasure hunts and this is what I found. I took the magic wand into Mummy and Daddy’s bedroom. That’s the most magical place in the house because I’m not really allowed in here much but I’ll be careful. There are huge mirrors down the outside of the wardrobe doors so Mummy can see herself when she’s wearing a dress. I took the magic wand and cast a spell to make her look even prettier, and the mirror got all these lines all over it like it was a diamond. I’ve made a very special, magic mirror for Mummy where she’ll look like she’s made of diamonds because she’s a  princess.

I cast a spell over Daddy’s pillow because he doesn’t sleep very well and it makes him grumpy. So I waved the wand over it and the spell must have worked because all these feathers came out and flew up in the air. It was wonderful!

I didn’t cast any spells for myself because I wanted to help other people. So I went downstairs and made a spell for Grandma because she is so nice, I waved it all over her handbag and some money fell out so that means my spell will make her rich!

Then I went to the armchair where our cat, Felix, likes to sit to make it more comfy for him because he is a lovely cat. It worked too, because lots of fluffy stuff came out of the sofa cushion – and it was already soft so this will make it even softer!

Then I got tired so I’ve come to bed for a sleep. I made some special patterns with the wand in the wallpaper up the stairs and on the landing to bring us luck. I bet it works, I am the bestest magic wizard ever! I’m going to take it in to Show and Tell at school on Monday.

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Alex Jury

Alex Jury

Alex Jury is a retired cowgirl, now working as a copywriter in London. She loves working with words but misses all the lassoing.
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