How Sausages Are Made.

Oh, razorblade. Nice. Should be a doddle this week.


I’ll just knock this out quickly and go get something to eat.


Look, you’ve been staring at this picture for an hour. What have you written?


You’ve deleted it again.

…wasn’t very good….

So whats the idea.

Well its a razorblade right, so drugs, cocaine, that sort of thing.

You’ve never done cocaine.

I’ve seen the Wolf of Wall Street! Thats …nearly….the….same?

I bet it isn’t.

OK, so about suicide?

Seems drastic. It’s only a story deadline. 

No, I mean, a story about suicide.

Look, about half the stuff you’ve written for this site has been about loneliness, death or abandonment. For a happily married man thats pretty worrying. Do we need to talk?


Right, so how about something different.

Different, but related to a razorblade? I’m not sure a story about shaving is going to cut it.

Ha Ha.


Got anything serious?

Yes, actually. Just came to me

Go on then…

Right. “It was a dark and stormy night….”

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