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It’s funny the things that end up on a person’s wishlist as they begin to put down roots of their own. The evolving list of important ‘must haves’ when looking for a new home- plenty of electrical sockets, a shower rather than a bath or vice versa, a garden, a balcony, a south facing view, plenty of storage, designated parking space and the list grows and changes as do we.

A washing line is on my list. It’s been years since I’ve been able to hang my laundry out to dry. Instead I’ve acquired several airers strategically placed around the flat so as to optimise drying potential. For the larger items, such as bedding, I employ the use of doors-cotton sheets sagging like the hide of enormous elephants.

The perfect laundry day-a bright crisp morning with a slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky. Carrying a basket of jumbled clothes out into the garden. Choosing how to peg each item. Starting with socks and underwear-2 pegs or one? Top or bottom? Holding one item on the line while trying to remove a peg from mouth or pocket to secure it.

The thin line that was almost invisible is now a work of art-colourful fabric decorating the garden like bunting. When a breeze picks up the clothes dance and become entwined if too enthusiastic.

For now I continue to rely on my airers and that’s OK because not every day is a perfect laundry day. I am content to construct beautiful bedouin tents and exotic trees. The clothes do not dance but neither do they bear the stamp of a pooping bird who has eaten one too many berries.

With my airers I know where I am and don’t have to engage in the frantic dash to the garden to bring the washing in when the rain starts to fall. I don’t have to worry that the howling wind might have blown my undies into the next road. Anyway, if you think about it the perfect laundry day is not really about the weather at all…it’s more about timing and ensuring that you have enough clean essentials exactly when you need them.

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Amanda Bird

Amanda Bird

Amanda has always thought of herself as an armchair traveller, and since early childhood books and stories have provided the portal to other worlds. Her love of reading sparked a passion for writing and she has been writing stories since... a very long time ago! She now lives in Hove, and the view allows space for her imagination to roam.
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