See The Children Running

See the children running.
They’re going to the barn-
Chores forgotten as they head out to the farm.

See the children running.
Hand in hand they’re singing.
Across the field, a bell is ringing.

See the children running.
Clothes billow like sails floating by.
Tiny galleons headed for the sky.

See the children running.
Tiny feet hammering up the spiral stair.
Whispering voices beckon, as if to dare.

See the children running.
Promises of play filled days in their ears.
one by one they take flight despite their creeping fears.

See the children falling-
Snowflakes landing on the ground.
They lie there broken and do not make a sound.

See the red-eyed parents-
Faces furrowed by grief’s plough.
The children run no more-the barn, it has them now.

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Amanda Bird

Amanda Bird

Amanda has always thought of herself as an armchair traveller, and since early childhood books and stories have provided the portal to other worlds. Her love of reading sparked a passion for writing and she has been writing stories since... a very long time ago! She now lives in Hove, and the view allows space for her imagination to roam.
Amanda Bird

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