Industrius Man

When the anticipated revolution came, it was the manufacturing industries which saw the first mass job losses, but perhaps not as you may expect.

Revolution! That most evocative and emotive of words, say it out loud, slowly, roll it around your you mouth a little, taste the rawness of it. Humanity has been shaped by such words, and others of course. Words like Megalomaniac, War, Science, Politics, religion, art and technology, to name but a few, but it is that heady mix of technology and revolution that concerns us.
For it was a technological revolution which came, bloodless if not victimless, slow to gather momentum, but like the proverbial log jam, once the pressure built, it was inevitable and all consuming.

The real start was with the hobbyists. Typically those men in their garages and workshops tinkering away, fabricating, building useful little odds and ends, then POW! 3D printing barges in, throws the saloon bar door wide open, and casts a huge and menacing shadow on the dusty floor conventional fabrication. First with plastics, then metals, then organic materials, electronic circuits, ceramics, composite materials, and inevitably onto atomic and even particle manipulation.

I am getting slightly ahead of myself though, but it all happened so very fast. Eventually, within half a decade the average price of third generation printers were easily within the price range of most working families. These third generation printers were able not only to print plastics, composite plastics, metals and integrate electronic circuits, they were able to fuse these materials in ever increasingly complex ways.
Of course ultimately this lead to the total and utter collapse of manufacturing industries.

Everybody could now fabricate exactly what they wanted, it lead us to mass unemployment as all kinds of industries fell. Food, government, logistics, travel, infrastructure, and all kinds of services to these industries survived. Soon the concept of money disappeared as well.

All in all despite the massive upheaval and the paradigm shift that was needed to happen, it’s been a great thing for us. Jobs are still out there if you want to work, there are no wages though, it’s all voluntary, and people still want to work, in fact need to.
It’s the boredom, now humanity no longer has to struggle to survive, now that we only need a tiny percentage of us to actually do necessary work, we have accomplished much art, music, film, theatre, literature. Spirituality has increased, birthrate has slowed down dramatically, all Sciences have progressed in fact we are just about to colonise our first earth like planet out there somewhere.

Yet the boredom persists, I even have a part time job, I’m the chap that walks ten foot behind that naked rambler, yelling ‘avert your eyes, naked man present’. Yeah our laws have changed a little too, some people may still take offence at public nudity, but hey they are being warned, so they have plenty of time to turn away.

Me, nah I get no reward from it, I just do it for the craic!

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