A Very Desireable Area

You only have 10 minutes for the viewing. I appreciate it’s very short but I encourage you to call or email myself or my assistant Eleanor de Wyfort with any questions you may have.

But I think the studio suite speaks for itself. It’s a very desireable space. This is aspirational 21st century living. The focus is on quality not quantity – note the quality of the marble finish of the toilet-cum-pantry. This is the ultimate luxury capsule lifestyle in action. Maximum convenience, minimum cleaning; this is literally topscale modern living in a nutshell. The gym is for exercise, at home you want everything at arm’s length, am I right?!

But let’s not focus on the upscale contained apartment suite too much. Let’s consider the view and surrounding area. It’s very sought after. Next to Zone 1 London, this is the key growth area in the UK. And there is a reason for that. Look outside. Go on, crane your neck right out of that window – see the nodding donkeys? That is what you’re paying for! You know, back in the day this was a very desirable area of UK industry. It was central to exports and imports, to the manufacturication of goods which, at one time, made the UK a famous name around the world. This could be your very own slice of history!

We only have 18 seconds to go so just time for me to say that the furniture you see here will not be supplied should you purchase a high-end capsule apartment space, but that is a lovely opportunity to bring your own, or better yet get bespoke made. Don’t forget that what you’re really paying for is the character of the place right outside the window, from the gas refinery to the rusting tankers parked against the dock. For £650,000 you could buy an, admittedly bigger, living space elsewhere, but it would not have the soul of this place – the sweat, the grind, the deprivation, the sheer back-breaking labour echoing around. Who wouldn’t want to bring up kids somewhere so special?! I imagine you’re thinking that’s the next step for you guys and, when you’re ready, you can sell this place back to us and get priority purchasing on the next grade up – the capsule extended balcony studio with child capacity suite. In fact, it might be worth getting a deposit down now – these places go fast.


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