No Photos!

Pretty lady walking down the Parisian street,

Artists swoon and bow at her feet,

They ask her if she’ll be their muse,

Her gorgeous face they’d like to use.

She doesn’t have time to stop and pose,

This fills the artists’ heart with woes.

They ask her for a photograph,

She adjusts her sunglasses and flips her scarf,

With a stern look on her face , ‘no photos!’ comes her reply.

The artisans are shocked, they ask her why?

Raising her hand with the palm flat, ‘no photos’ she repeats,

Then walks away down the busy streets.

The artists are desperate for this beauty,

To paint her is their creative duty.

So they follower her and continue to plead,

‘Please, one picture is all we need’.

The woman is starting to feel harassed,

She starts to speed up, to walk fast.

Still they follow and pursue,

The woman doesn’t know what to do.

So feeling desperate and feeling stressed,

She turns around to face this pest.

‘NO PHOTOS, NO PHOTOS’ she yells out loud,

And pushes back through the crowd.

She moves cameras out of her face,

But feels she has made her case.

The woman walks away again,

Down the banks of the river Seine.

This times no-one gives chase,

They just stare, and stand in place.






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