Caption Competition

Suggested Top 5 Entries for the Herald and Reporter Caption Competition, January 17, 2004

“Now we’ll see who’s “bigger on the outside!” “- R Spade, Cumbria

“Oi! You Looking at my Bird” – Mr Howard Shiverman, who wishes us to add that Hippos are often seen in the wild with birds.

“The Nudist’s Sunday’s Park Run had an unexpected winner!” – Mrs Angela Horncastle

“Wrestling’s not what it was!” – Algernon Hardy, Colonel (rtd)

“Reggies Mother-in-Laws’ Revenge” – Mr G. R. S. Nathan

Editors Note: So these are tbe best we could do, are they? Next time lets just let some of the office out them in, at least they’ll be funny! (GH)

Sub Editors Note: Gerry, these are from the office. The funniest one we got from the readers was three paragraphs citing the Hippo as a model for Late Capitalism and the man as the Oppressed Proletariat. Except he kept calling it a Rhino. (SB)

Editors Note: It’s not a Rhino??? (GH)

Sub Editors Note: No, Gerry. its a Hippo. Hence the Reggie Perrin Joke. (SB)

Editors Note: Good. Right. So who is the winner then? (GH)

Sub Editors Note: Sod it. Lets go the first one and then hit the bar. (SB)

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