Pressed for Time

It looks fake.

A fake button. Just hanging there.


I can’t see another one though, and they said it was here somewhere.

It’s too obvious.

But look at this place. It’s a mess. Cheap. The chairs are cheap and the door was cheap. So the button would look cheap.

Oh god, oh god.

How long have I got, do you think. 10 minutes before they catch up? Maybe. I was running pretty quick and they….caught….the other guy, so maybe that will slow them down?

5 minutes then.

They said, the other they, they said, find the button, it’s all you need to do.

But they also said to watch for traps.

Maybe there isn’t another they, maybe its always the same they and its a game anyway and goddammit I’m just standing here and I can’t see another button.

Button. Fakey, fakey, button.

Got to be another one.

So there two doors, counting the one that I have blocked up when I can in here with the cheap chairs. And that’ll never hold. And the other one goes into a cupboard, which was a bit of a shock because hey, I was expecting another exit. But there’s exit and the button apparently, is here.

On the wall. Looking really fake.

There’s a couple of pictures, and they come off neatly and there’s nothing behind them apart from a slightly cleaner section of wall. Oh and a startled spider. There isn’t a carpet, so at least i’m spared trying to pull that in the next 3 minutes.

Check the cupboard again but its just bit and empty and there isn’t even a bloody lightswitch.

Oh fuck. what if the fakey button is just a lightswitch for the cupboard. They I’ve wasted 5 the last 5 minutes of my life dithering about whether or not I want to die in full or gloomy lighting conditions.

There are noises in the corridor now, so I better throw some more chairs on the barricade. Maybe there is another button under one.

Well there isn’t. Because of course. that would be too easy.

As they start pounding at the door I’m back in front of the button. It looks less fake, although that may just be me feeling more desperate.

As I hear the door splinter in behind me, I close my eyes, swallow hard, and press it.

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