Panic attack

Faster and faster her heart beat was racing.

Quicker and quicker the world was spinning.

Gasping for air as the tears started rolling.

On a busy street yet so alone.

Not a soul seemed to stop, seemed to notice.

As she crumpled to the ground,

tear now in full flow.

She thought she was done for,

thought this was it.

She couldn’t breathe , she felt light headed.

With shaky hands she desprately gripped her phone,

Then called her boyfriend, with an S.O.S.

She couldn’t get out many words,

as she struggled for air.

He picked up and she simply sobbed ‘help me please.’

As she sat on the street, gasping, crying and being ignored,

she wondered if anyone would notice her die.

Would they call an ambulance is she fell unconscious?

Would they assume she was drunk, tut and leave her?

Before she could finish that terrible thought,

help had arrived, her other half was here.

Her heart beat slowed.

The world fell still.

She had caught her breath.

He had helped her feel calm.

This was not the impending death she feared.

Yet still she was bothered by the thought no-one cared.

Still she wondered, what if he hadn’t arrived?

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