Room with a view

‘I don’t want to get up today’,
Is what Helen used to say.
She hated the morning,
Always fighting and yawning.
‘Just five more minutes please!’
The snooze button was such a tease.
Helen vowed the morning would be her friend,
Some how, some way, in the end.
She would find a place she could rejoice at the alarm.
Somewhere the daylight would bring her calm.
She hated her parents suburban four walls,
When she moved out she hated halls.
Helen hated her first flat in the city,
She wanted a view that was pretty.
So she worked hard with a groan,
Until she was approved for a mortgage loan.
As is normally the case her 1st home wasn’t perfect,
The second house she restored from neglect.
It wasn’t until the third house she could admire the view,
From the bedroom it was clear skies and a sea so blue.
Helen could finally welcome the morning sunshine,
Now she loves morning and gets up just fine.

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