The trees have eyes.

In the forest community, the trees are in charge.

They keep eyes on all inhabitants.

From the ones we can see; rabbits, foxes, owls etc.

To the ones we cannot; fairies, imps, trolls etc.

When trees are cut down this creates ‘blind zones’.

These are the areas where you find warlocks, dark imps and other ne’er-do-wells.

You may think, due to their roots, that trees cannot act on what they see.

This is a common misconception, so it won’t be held against you.

In fact, trees can give out praise or punishments quite effectively.

Praise might include a break in their branches to allow sunlight to stream through,

Perhaps a tasty berry on their branches, fragrant smell or pretty flower.

Punishments can range from getting leaves dropped on your head,

To being tangled and suffocated in their vast roots.

So next time you are in the forest,

Remember to thank the trees for keeping it safe.

I promise they will reward you.


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