Omniscient: The Effect

I move My left and I am a storm, raging; full of ionised power and thunderous proclamation.

I move My right and I am wind. I am hail and I am ice and I am violence brought forth from a blue sky. And I am momentary peace before bearing down again from the opposite direction.

I move both together and rise above the ground and into the skies, My vision short but clear and My sense of the Else growing as I move the air beneath Me.

I beat My wings and I am a tornado; swirling and clutching and releasing and propelling with patterned abandon. Spreading violent rainfall like melted butter across a landscape. Cleansing. Destroying. Baptising…


No, not yet I’m not. But give Me some time.



This piece inspired by an Elephant Words image originally posted at

Part of a series called ‘Omniscient’.

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