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Peck, peck, peck little robin,
Up early for your wormy breakfast.
Peck, peck, eat, build a nest, make a family.
Peck, peck, peck, peck,
Look down for opportunities, up and along for dangers.
Peck, peck, ruffle those feathers.
Enjoy the grass underfoot.


From high, I look down.
Flying liberated from the strange world below, but tied to it,
For that is where life’s sustenance is.
Food, water, building materials, all
From below.
And below is where it all goes to, eventually.

And from low, I look up.
To stand is to be grounded, clumsy, with an uncomfortable perspective of what is above,
Taking in the places I could nest,
The other flyers and wind-catchers and the wide open sky.
To look up is to see beyond that; a universe unimaginable.
Too much to comprehend, so I keep my eyes low.


This piece inspired by an Elephant Words image originally posted at

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