Tend To The Roses

Tend to the roses for me, my darling.

Get your hands dirty in our earth, meditate with the exertion and think of me when I’m gone, for gone I soon shall be.

Tend to the fences, my love.

Paint them every second Spring and they will last, for as long as you do.

Tend to the roof and the drains, sweetheart of mine.

Be sure to unblock the guttering of leaves in the Fall and blossom in early Summer, don’t delay repairing any tiles loosened in the winds, and this house will protect you as I’d built it to.

Tend to your health, my beloved.

Never fear to trouble the doc when something troubles you, and you will retain the glow that has lit every day I’ve been near you.

Tend to your self, my truelove.

Stretch body and mind every day and both will serve you well into a long, healthy life.

Tend to your heart, my beautiful soul.

Be open and allow others to heal it, to nourish it, and to be all it is capable of. For your heart will burst unless you share it.

And tend to the roses for me, my wife.

Get your hands dirty in our earth and meditate with the exertion, for I shall no longer be here.


This piece inspired by an Elephant Words image originally posted at http://elephantwords.co.uk/2014/05/25/dirt-2/.

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