The frog sat on the side of the road and looked over at the river. If there was a break in traffic he could make it across easily. If there was a break… The frog waited, but the steady stream of cars and trucks continued without cessation.
What the hell kind of road was this, anyway? Five lanes, each one travelling in the opposite direction of the ones adjacent to it. It made no sense. How would cars in the middle lanes turn off?
The frog sighed, or did as close to sighing as is possible for one of his species. He would have shaken his head as well, but being anatomically deficient in the area of necks, that option was not available to him. How long had he been there? He could remember nothing before arriving at the road, and even the arrival itself seemed somehow absent fom his recollections. Not that a frog’s memory was that great to begin with, but it was usually better than this. At the very least, he should remember waking up this morning.
The frog turned his attention back to the traffic. In the time that he had been sat there it had not abated in the slightest, but he had become aware that there were frequent gaps in each lane. I could do it, he thought. If it all breaks right, I could definitely make it across. Setting his face into the amphibian equivalent of steely-eyed determination, the frog leaped into a gap in the first lane, paused a second, then leaped again into the second. He looked around, frantically, but there was no gap yet ready in the third lane. A car was rapidly approaching. I’ll have to go back, he thought, moving as quickly as he could, but not quick enough to get through the gap in the first lane. He saw the car approaching, and just as the wheels where on him, found himself thinking, at least it’s over. At least I won’t have to do this again. There was a wet crunching sound, and then nothing.
The frog opened his eyes, and looked around. Startled at the continuing fact of his existence, it took him a while to take in his surroundings. He was at the side of a busy road. On the other side was a river…
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