A New Record

I got a Gameboy when they first came out. It was the size of a brick and in monochrome, unlike the full colour Atari Lynx which came out at the same time, but it had Tetris and Super Mario Land, which automatically made it the better of the two. Those weren’t the only games I got for it. A couple of years later I received the game of Universal Soldier, which turned out to be a port of Turrican 2 with the end boss replaced with Dolph Lundgren’s face. There was also a Bugs Bunny game and others I can’t remember. Some games I finished quickly then sold to people at school. Super Mario Land was different. I coule get to the final boss easily, but I could never defeat it. Eventually I gave up, and forgot about it.

I dug out the Gameboy when I was at university, wanting to play Tetris again. The games worked fine but the screen was damages, so \i ended up replacing it with a Gameboy Colour. Of course by that point the Gameboy Advance had come out, making the Gameboy colour obsolete. That didn’t matter as I had bought it to play what were by that pint old games. I played Tetris, and a Zelda game, and eventually had another go at Super Mario Land, and to my surprise, ended up beating it first time. Ten years after I first played it.

So far that’s my record for the longest time span between starting a game and finishing it, but I reckon I can beat it. I recently downloaded an Amiga emulator and the game Flashback. Another game that I never finished the first time round, and this game came out 20 years ago. Time to beat that record.

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