Do you know about the worlds smallest library? No?  Well let me tell you a little about it then.

The worlds smallest library is a wonderful place, a magical place, a place of learning.  Now now, don’t look at me like that, learning is imperative, without learning where would we be?  Look, you like playing on your playstation yeah?  Without learning, without knowledge, without scientific knowledge there would be no playstation.  Ahh yes I see you understand that.

So the worlds smallest library is place of learning.  Son it contains works of fiction and non fiction alike, works of the greatest and the smallest, philosophical tracts and history, sciences and religion.  It is a great place, I mean I can’t stress that enough, it has done wonders for this humble autodidact.  What’s that? What you mean what’s an autodidact?  It means self taught, somebody who has learned without the benefit of a teacher.  No boy not everything, but you know, I do think that we are all autodidacts to some degree or other, but I digress.

The most amazing thing about the worlds smallest library is a rather paradoxical thing. Despite it’s size it contains a multitude of works, I mean it numbers into the millions, books, tracts, white papers, journals, maps, shit it even has an audio/visual department.   You see the world’s smallest library is contained in my head, it holds all that I have learnt over the years and I can reference it wherever I am and whenever I have need.

That my boy is the power of reading, yes I know you don’t like to read but if you don’t, how are you going to finish this homework, yes of course I’ll help you , but it’s not my work to do, I have already learnt this, now it is your turn.

That is what my dad told me when I had homework problems, and now I tell you, if you read, if you glean and learn, then finally if you grok, you be able to build your own worlds smallest library.  What? Grok?  Hah son read this, Stranger in Strange Land, by Robert A Heinlein.





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