Have you ever been up to a hilly park before the sunrise? The cold at the top of the hill, the pre-dawn chorus, the gradual lighting of the sky; these are things that are worthy of our time I think. Ohh don’t get me wrong, many things are, and then many more things after that.

Of course the opposite also holds true. Many things are worthless, not worthy of our time, lacking in any kind of substance or value.

Ahh but then I have often pondered on that word, ‘value’. When a man makes a decision, on anything, anything at all; indeed he has made a value judgement. He measures against his own sense of value, using this as a benchmark in which to value or judge the worth or merits of the likely or desired or undesired results. We all do this, and we do it based largely on our own lives experiences.

It’s sort of miraculous when you think how quickly it all happens, and how frequently we do this. But we know it is nothing of the sort, it can be all explained by science, rationality, sane and reasoned arguments swaying the mind to the truth. Well, the truth as it appears so, relatively, subjectively.

In essence then, if your values are as subjective as mine are, and I can assume that you hold them as dear as I do mine, then who can say for sure if values exist which are objectively universal; perhaps we can even agree on one or two.

I think the biggest one is freedom of choice. From that all other values arise. I must respect your freedom of choice, if I would have you respect mine, that just makes sense, and if this is true for you and I, then it must be true for all of us, yes?

Ultimately though I think that all is in flux, the only constant is change, nothing is permanent, we are all temps.

I’m sorry darling, but I have thought about it, I see no future, I have lived a good life and I rationally choose to end it.
By the time you read this I will be on the plane to Switzerland.

Don’t pray for me, don’t fret for my soul, I always loved you, bye.

Bob. xx

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