Lost Luggage

    Red or Black

John was a little drunk, yeah that is true. However he was felling lucky, and the boys had been brilliant tonight. Man what a shindig. John had just turned 21, and his mates had totally taken the reins of his celebratory evening. Curry house, pub, club and finally casino.
John was kinda skint when they burst through the casino, doors drunk and rowdy, but Chris took care of that.

“They ya go son, shove that in your pocket.”
“Fuck me Chris, that’s £500 quid mate”
“Yep, happy birthday fella, from me and the rest of the chaps”

Yeah, 21, drunk, horny, hungry damn it still hungry, and bloody lucky.
So red or black?

“500 quid on 21, red, please mate.”

The ball spins, the wheel spins, and eventually the dolly is placed.

“22, black”

    They Fuck You Up

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you….

Or so Philip Larkin says, and if you spend just a modicum of time, just a minuscule moment of your life thinking about it, you know it’s true.

When I was a kid my dad used to beat me. I am an only child you know; mum was, by dad’s accounting anyway, ‘a drunken whore’, I can only assume that is what dad liked about her.
She left when I was too young for the image of her face to burn it’s self into my memory. So I bore the brunt of my fathers anger instead.

Net result?

I don’t see my dad, or talk to him at all, it’s been like that for 30 years now, he is lost to me, as I am to him.

    The Secret

Hello…hello, is there anyone there…please?
My name is Lucy, I am nine years old. I..I..have a secret.
Daddy says I can’t tell anyone, and that he loves me very much.
But I have to tell. What he done, it..it’s not right, it’s a bad thing.
Daddy says that if I tell anybody, I go to visit Mummy.
I don’t want to go and visit Mummy. I know what that really means.

My secret is that I saw daddy Killing Mummy. Shhhh, I got to go, I can hear him coming.

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