Where Are We Going?

It was twilight when I got there, Kevin was waiting, sat in the low boughs of an old oak tree.


“Oi Spence, up here mate”

“Yo Kev, you been waiting long?”

“Naaa mate a couple of minutes, hop up here and have a butchers at this view.”


He wrapped his legs around the branch and offered me his hand, I grabbed it and he hauled while I found purchase with my left foot, and as quick as that we were both sat comfortably in amongst the leaves.

The view was epic, we could see the lights of Tower Bridge off to the North and the towers of Canary Wharf slightly East of that.  Looking North West we could make out the skeleton of Battersea power station, and northwards still, way out in the distance, the top of Muswell Hill and Alexandra Park, but that’s across the other side of the river, you know where they speak funny.
We chatted shit for a little while,  just chewing the fat, talking about nothing in particular, I guess you could say it was a bonding exercise, then he asked if I was ready, and I of course, said yes.


“Come on then wanker, lets get down and be about it.”


We walked for a while, just to the bench at the top of One Tree Hill, where we took a pew and I pulled out a couple of cans of Stella from my backpack, I offered one to my elder cousin


“Wife beater?”

“Yeah cheers bruv, you’re a gent”


He dipped into one of his pockets and pulled out a little pill tin, as I remember it, it had a ying yang pattern in black and white enamel on the lid.  He opened it and and produced two tiny slips of blotting paper, all wrapped up in cling film, and while he unwrapped them I took a quick glance at his face, he was smiling from ear to ear, like the proverbial Cheshire cat, I couldn’t help myself,  a giggle escaped my lips.


“Wot you laughing at then?”

“Ahhh cuz you look like the cat who got the cream”

“Well mate these are cream, doubled dipped strawberries”


I was nervous you know, but I trusted Kev, my dad’s sister’s kid, two years older than me, and he had always looked after me.  He told me not to worry, that he knew it was my first trip, but he’d look after me, and he did.


We popped the tabs and I asked,


“What now?”

“Well, it’ll take about an hour, so lets go get some more drink and shit and then we’ll come back here and see what happens yeah”


I don’t know if you’ve ever been to One Tree Hill, but it’s a small piece of forrest land, sort of sandwiched on the borders of Forrest Hill, Honor Oak and Peckham.  Popular with dog walkers and mischievous youth, such as we two.  We left the park and walked down the hill to the local offey, grabbed our selves some more tinnies and a bit of chocolate and ambled back up, night was in full effect now and the moon was a bright half crescent.


An hour or so later I stated to feel a little odd, butterflies in my stomach, a little hot, Kevin put his arm around my shoulders said,


“Here we go cuz, here we go”


The world turned purple around my peripheral vision and Kev told me to look up at the clouds.  Well that was remarkable, purple tinged clouds that were kind of folding in on themselves.


“It’s just the acid mate, you’ll have some strange visuals, but it’s not real, just remember that, tell yourself you’re tripping and it’ll all be fine”


And it was.


We had all sorts of strange adventures that night, we never left the park, but we did, if you know what I mean.  I’ll not bore you with all the details, heh shit I doubt  if I can remember them all now anyway, but about 3:00 AM we found ourselves looking up at these new street lights on the very top of the hill, just standing there gawping up at them.  In our acid daze they looked like strange grapes shooting up from the ground, each bulb a different colour, swaying gently in the breeze.


“Fuck me, these grapes are huge!”

“Heh they’re lights man, they just look like grapes coz of the acid, pretty colours though huh cuz”

“Yeah, I like the way light streams away from them”


We tried to follow the path of the drifting light, but of course it wasn’t real and once away from the grapes, it disappeared.


Years later I went back there to take the dogs for a walk, the lights are still there, not so new now, but fuck me if they still don’t look like grapes!












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