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Always Winter But Never Christmas

Contributed by on 18/04/13

It’s always winter, but never Christmas. And that is exactly the way I like it. Ice everywhere. Ice and snow. To me, it’s like seeing my power in scultped, frozen form – lying heavily across the whole country, cold and blank.

There was a rumour that a human child had wandered into my realm. Just a rumour. But I was hardly going to sit around munching Turkish Delight with my feet up once I heard that. Not with the ancient prophecy hanging over my head. It’s nonsense, of course, in fact I don’t know how everyone came to know about it in the first place – probably the big cat trying to undermine me as usual – but, call me superstitious, I’m not taking any chances. Four human children, according to the prophecy, will de-throne me and melt my beautiful, frozen kingdom. Well, I’m not having any of that.

I had Tumnus arrested, of course. Idiot snivelling little cross-bred faun – can’t even make up his mind what sort of creature he’s supposed to be. I had his house smashed to smithereens and then I turned him into stone. So that’s put paid to the rumours, everything is taken care of now. I’ve got absolutely¬†nothing to worry about.

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