Analogue Man

An analogue man in an digital age,

Fuelled and consumed with technology rage.

Don’t Facebook or 4square, don’t blog and don’t tweet, 

Don’t use googlemaps to look down my street,

Blackberries and Apples belong in fruit pies

And Ipads and kindles cause strain to my eyes.

No mobile, no laptop but tablets galore,

To quieten the urges that scream from from my core.

She walked straight into me, eyes fixed on her phone

No excuse me, no sorry; in a world of her own,

Busily composing a status update,

Completely unaware that she’d sealed her own fate.


10 follows on Twitter had brightened her day

But the follow that mattered was just yards away.

Pristine white earbuds obscured my approach,

As she studied the site of her favourite life coach,

Her grumpy cat video would go on to trend

As her offline existence came to an end.

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