Always someone left to clean up the mess.

“So whatcha doing later?”

“Dunno. Got to give the missus a ring, see what she wants to do”.

“Ah right. You still in the doghouse then?”

“Yeah, was back late last night on that other job, the whatsisname, Earth job”.

“Right. I heard about that, messy, wasn’t it?”

“Sure. I helped set it up, see, so I got called out in the small hours. Got the kids up and everything. And then back late. What a disaster.”

“Humans for you though.”

“Yeah but they reckoned they’d got it this time. Lock the little buggers down into a small system, make it really clear, right, thats there is none of this spreading out into the Galaxy and making a mess. “

“Shame. I like my Galactic Empires. They go all sparkly when they get that, that, trans-luminal highway stuff sorted”.

“Oh yeah. Everyone likes ‘em. But the humans always wreck ‘em. Dunno why we bother with ‘em”.

“Boss likes them”.

“Yeah, whats that about?”

“No-one tells me anything, I just set them up and pull them down when i’m told. So whats with this Earth deal?”

“Well they’ve set this one up so that they’re bottled into one system, see. No hints,  no clues, just one system and a physics model that bars them getting out easily. They can run around as much as they want, but the great idea, see, is that if they get too out of hand then ‘Boom’, nice concentrated local Supernova and the rest of the universe gets on with it.”

“I still don’t get why he puts them in there in the face place”.

“Just likes them, like you said.”

“So whats the problem this time?”

“Little bastards build this ring thing, right, on their planet, to try and break down the world into its smallest particles. Can’t bloody feed themselves, but theoretical particle physics, they’ll have some of that. And it works, right, when they turn it on.”


“Smart. Yeah. Blows a hole right through the edge of the universe and suddenly you’ve the whole thing collapsing and galaxies are going everywhere. Complete mess. Bloody human thing they’re super-geniuses and discovered a whole new area of physics and by the time I got there I’m having to mop up the buggers’ starships flitting around and getting stuck in the ducts.”

“Did you get them all?”

“Probably not. There’ll be colonies of them cropping up for weeks, I reckon.”

“Good for overtime though.”

“Yeah. Will say one thing for Humans, they keep the rest of us in work”.

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