Two Pay Days ‘Til Christmas

October 16th 2012

Stumbled across a Christmas aisle while looking for trick or treat goodies!

Oh well, two pay days left yet

October 17th

Got two different emails asking for money (for the Christmas socials)

October 23rd

Mum liked her birthday present (thank god!). Spotted a few bits and pieces for the others while I was hunting for hers. I’ll have a proper look round at the weekend

October 31st

Had to endure advert break after advert break of Christmas-related stuff during The Blair Witch Project! The Coca Cola trucks haven’t rolled in yet though so all is well

November 1st

The Coca Cola trucks have arrived

November 3rd

Finally remembered to give in my Christmas social deposits

November 5th

Took a routine wander in to town and found that there were double the amount of people randomly stopping in front of me and just generally getting in the way. Something tells me it had nothing to do with Bonfire Night…

November 7th

Heard The Pogues four times in one day

November 12th

Took a look out of the window today and was surprised to see Winter staring back at me

November 16th

The shopping centre has been invaded by tinsel and triple the amount of shoppers

November 18th

The German Market has arrived. I’m abandoning town until the new year (and not just because of the overwhelming smell of sausage)

November 26th

Oh god it’s Cyber Monday and I still haven’t started my shopping!!!

November 30th

I’ve done an online blitz! Sorted most of my presents (and spent all of my wages)

December 1st

I started the day with almost all my shopping done and ended it entered in 3 different secret santas. How has this happened!?!

Sod it, they’re all getting a pack of condoms

December 3rd

“In the new old-fashioned way”?!?

December 4th

Christmas social number one passed by without too much embarrassment…although, Doris almost choked on her crème brulee when she opened the condoms

I’m crazily hungover now; whose idea was it to hold it on a Tuesday!?

December 10th

Crap, I completely forgot Auntie Anne! I’m going to have to brave town again

December 14th

Christmas social number two was excellent! I might suggest turkey fajitas to Mum

December 18th

“When the snowman brings the snow”?!?

December 21st

It’s a good job I bought that emergency tin of Roses; the bloody Joneses turned up with gift bags

December 22nd

With the Christmas socials, I’ve now spent well over £500!!! I’m starting my Christmas shopping in the January sales next year

October 16th 2013

Stumbled across a Christmas aisle while looking for trick or treat goodies!

Oh well, two pay days left yet…

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