Edited transcript — conversation held in front of the blue flashing screen. Wed 21st 15.34 (microphone functioning)

0:00 house poll
0:04 assuming that
0:06 the fact that we just
0:07 conversation
0:11 a little over how are you guys
0:14 daily
0:16 asking for a cease-fire
0:19 hello how are you saying that
0:22 because almost like are you
0:24 hahahaha

0:58 i thought you calm down
1:08 so when i was young trauma woven baskets
1:12 portable neglected
1:15 abreast along the wall
1:17 pattern here
1:19 what do you know
1:20 that you wanted to drop sensei
1:22 where you’ve been there
1:24 the present company

2:17 and always worrying about it in my hand me a sense of this
2:21 responsibilities i have to spend your money
2:23 basically it too much
2:24 from one dash is mine
2:27 exacts insecurities that he has a uh… terms i guess just let us know yes
2:32 pretends
2:34 it’s not fair
2:36 at that moment when i’m done
2:38 business as this season turned on the civil war
2:41 and there’s not a single believe walk across it
2:45 cities ingredients
2:50 explain
2:53 yes this is not intended to tell us why his story
2:56 s_e_c_ and sat in a while
2:59 so-called background
3:01 more unless
3:03 decided to hold on
3:06 white identified to third place
3:09 compliment
3:10 constituency

6:11 unfortunately
6:13 fearlessness
6:19 considered mundane
6:22 course nestle
6:30 two weeks
6:31 i need to look at it
6:33 facts
6:38 mansions
6:40 pasted to these little guys
6:41 sportswear parcels
6:44 dropped the ball in my arms
6:48 special mission
6:49 home all the students who did you
6:52 overnight
6:53 answering the phone almost everywhere
6:56 complementary
6:57 every black on the tarmac hold on
7:00 as usual seymour

8:07 making sure that the is that correct
8:09 sparked
8:29 sweetmore
8:31 atmosphere as has been turned this information
8:33 everything along with also
8:43 whose roots
8:49 there
8:52 unfortunately
8:53 russell called
8:57 opinion something that i saw it
9:00 on sandbags
9:01 vincent price
9:03 why i don’t have the same
9:05 subsequent
9:06 supposedly
9:10 sprint
9:13 it usually is
9:16 finger himself
9:22 yasuo nichols’s home
9:24 password when
9:25 check my parents
9:27 for a second itunes
9:34 and remembers
9:36 schemes
9:38 behind it
9:43 thank you very much immediately

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