A Longing For Mild Peril

Do you ever wish that everyday life was full of mystic mountains and Disney princesses? Fran did. In her younger years, she’d thought that this was a symptom of being a headset monkey, something that she was bound to grow out of. But even years later, in a grown-up job that she enjoyed, she found herself longing for something to break the endless monotony. It was clear to her that life would be more interesting if it were full of mysterious islands, beautiful strangers and a nemesis or two.

But every day was depressingly similar.

She wasn’t unhappy exactly. She just knew that she’d prefer spontaneous musical numbers to the song and dance routine of pressing 1 for that, 3 for this and please hold for the rest any day.

If only you could swap bills for psychic paper, she thought.

Car insurance for winged horses

Commuting for life and death quests

Anything would be better than food shopping, social awkwardness and TV boxsets. She used to have grand plans and big dreams but now her mind was preoccupied with her knickers to days ratio and which of the 3 routes home to take next. She didn’t know when this change had happened exactly but she found it incredibly distressing.

She just didn’t think moderate language and scenes of a sexual nature should be confined to the weekends. And even mild peril would be better than no peril at all. But what with work commitments and fitting everyone in and Andrew Marr’s History of the World she just got bogged down. She wished the real world would stop hassling her.

Something had to change…but what?

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