BLP38: On The Banks of a Lake Beneath a Freeway

Hi loves,

A snapshot and a few words from our latest picnic spot! Not sure exactly where we are – the photo should be geo-tagged so you can check it for yourselves but I still haven’t worked out how to do that from here without firing up the laptop.

Our last ride dropped us in a town a mile from here before she took the road north, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to rest and soak up this place. And tuck into a couple of cheese-rolls – I picked up some seeded buns at a bakery a few hours east of here and they’re hitting the spot just right. :-)

There’s a strong sense of calm here. You know that feeling a place has sometimes, that some excitement is about to come? Well, here it feels like that vibrancy has gone; that the lives to be lived here and the excitements have passed now. But it doesn’t feel derelict. Just not-any-more. Just calm. It’s beautiful and actually quite healing.

The road has been treating us well and we should reach the coast by the end of next week as hoped. The pace seems to suit both of us, it’s not too tiring and we’re feeling blessed to be able to see so much of the country and meet so many of its generous-hearted people.

Thank you all again for reading and sending so much warmth and so many beautiful words in our direction.

Write you tomorrow.


L&P xx

Bucket List Postcards: Day 38

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