If Man Is Five

Is this my train? Is it for.. hmm.

It’s a steam job. Looks a bit glamorous to me but is probably just an everyday one. I don’t know anything about trains.

The guard is giving me a grin and waving me on so I step off the platform and through the door and I’m in my seat. It’s a triple seat on its own and I have the whole carriage to myself. The people around me are deep in light conversation and there’s a lot of smiling. It’s quiet and peaceful.

I’m in the buffet car and tucking into a sandwich that’s been cut into triangles. And a really good mug of tea that I’ve been drinking from for some time. The pork pie tastes of blueberries. It’s one of the nicest I think I’ve ever tasted.

I put my feet up on the stool in front of me and strike up a conversation with the gentleman sitting next to me. It’s pleasant chatter about general things. He seems nice. We take a sip from our beers and continue with our game of backgammon. The guard passes and my neighbour invites him to sit with us for a while. He takes the seat next to him so that they’re both opposite me, I shuffle the pack and deal him into the next hand.

Through the window, there’s a light. The sunlight obviously, though the sun itself is indistinct and is more of a blanket-lit white sky. What I mean is that there’s a light next to my window. A tiny little barely-visible pinprick of light glowing 2-3 feet across, with a heart-shaped scar on its ankle. It spreads back behind and ahead of us like a beam.

“Hi,” I say with a grin. “I hoped that I’d see you again here.”

The beam of light beams back at me and I take another sip of tea.



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