The Girl with the Lightswitch Tattoo

Contributed by on 18/08/12

The first thing I noticed was her fringe – it was cut like a sine wave.
It’s odd that I noticed the fringe first because she also had the words ‘TURN ME ON’ tattooed on her forehead. They were set in a sympathetic font though which probably helped them blend in with her facial features.

We met in a nightclub, we danced to the same songs, she noticed me and I noticed her. It’s a tale as old as time. Or at least as old as nightclubs. She bought me a drink and I bought her a drink. We continued this pattern until we struggled to remember whose turn it was. Then she asked me.

Asked me if I could do something for her.

We went back to mine – it was closer than hers – and I opened a bottle of wine. I let her choose the CD (this was the 90s, you see – before MP3s and Internet Radio) and I lit a candle.

It was perfect. I know this because she said so.

Then she turned around and lifted her top, just enough to see the small of her back. And the switch.
Beneath it the words ‘TURN ME OFF’, in that same font.
And so I did.

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