There are three things that have always fascinated me; dinosaurs, outer space and World War Two. Although the Second World War isn’t exactly comparable to the other two, I find it just as hard to comprehend as encountering a T-rex or looking down at the Earth from above. It’s this reason that keeps me coming back to books and films about the war. Some of the things I’ve come across are beyond belief but they’re all based on reality, and they all concern ordinary people in impossible situations. People mainly in their early twenties whose interests were pretty much the same as ours are now. But how would I react to being shot at? Would I have coped with the constant fear and danger? Could I cope with seeing people I was close to getting hurt? I’m fairly sure the answer to all that is no – but perhaps, like the people I’ve read about, I’d still be able to function? Imagining myself in their position is what brings war so vividly to life for me. I’m not necessarily pro-war but it’s hard not to appreciate the sacrifices that were made.

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