Down Here

Contributed by on 20/07/12

We have the really important team business meetings down here, in the torch-lit rooms and dirt-caked corridors under the stadium.

Only a chosen few know about these rooms. The ones who have to make the biggest, hardest decisions. The ones who know where all the bodies are buried.

The Chairman tends to schedule his meetings during times when the stadium isn’t being used for football. His first love is the sport – he used to play Premier League, never will get it out of his system – so he’ll be up top when he can, in his luxury box watching matches, or down at the pitch close to any training.

Me, I prefer being down here when a game is on. The sound of the players, light on their feet, doesn’t reach through the earth, but the roar of the crowd does. Most of the complex is under the home stands, and when the fans get to their feet for cheers or jeers dust falls from the roof of the corridors, and the whole place vibrates with it.

There’s a power to it. And there’s nothing to prove I’m right about this, but I think the sacrifices we have to make down here, to the gods of our sport, benefit from the worship going on up there. The blood here sings with it.

We know where the bodies are buried because the bodies are buried down here.

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