How to Peel a Football (in three easy steps)

Contributed by on 19/07/12

1. Get a sharp knife, with a pointy end (not a butter knife).

2. Hold the football with one hand and the knife with the other. Insert the pointy edge of the knife into the top of the football, around where the navel is.

3.Rotate the football with one hand while holding the knife steady with the other, pulling the knife gently towards your body in order to create a spiralled, curling football peel.

4. Keep the width of the peel large enough, so that your peel will remain in one piece.


1. Don’t cut yourself. Always be careful with knives.

2. Some footballs are easier to cut than others. The ones with thicker peels are usually easier to get off in one piece. If the peel is really thin, just cut it open.

3. The white part of a football between the slices and the football and the peel contains bio-flavanoids, which helps with the absorption of the vitamin C.

4. You can grind the football peel and use it for cooking or baking. Ensure that it is well-washed first to remove any dirt or pesticides.

5. Gently rolling the football between your hands will loosen the peel and make peeling much easier.

6. Rather than a knife you can also use a football peeler. There are many options, the cheapest and easiest to use having a simple plastic hook with a handle, the most expensive being similar to an automatic potato peeler.

Be careful with knives!
Squeezing the football while you cut it would be a bad thing and probably shower you in juice.

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