The Gooseberry Bush

Contributed by on 10/07/12

I’ve been looking for a long time – every Saturday for ages and ages. Have you ever tried to find a gooseberry bush in the outskirts of Croydon? What does a gooseberry bush even look like? I think it must be bright green, a bit spiky and full of hairy gooseberries.

I wonder how comfortable it would be to lie down underneath one. I’ve tried curling up under other bushes – it’s not too bad, nice and shady. Because you see that’s where my sisters say I came from. Mum and dad are their real mum and dad but not mine. So although I live with them and they’re bringing me up, I had a different family before and they left me under the gooseberry bush for another family to find. So now I’m trying to find the gooseberry bush because I’d like to know where I came from. I wonder how long I lived under there before I was found? My sisters say they don’t know.

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