I’ve always been surrounded by advice.

I like to think it’s because my parents are older than most people’s my age. And that my sisters, whose kids are actually closer to my age than they are, had always seen it, done it and given me the T-shirt long before I had even pondered getting one myself. And, come to think of it, the majority of my friends have been older as well. But I have to concede. The real reason for all that brow-furrowing is that I have always been a bit on the…spontaneous side.

I like to try things you see…Test the boundaries – and yes, admittedly, sometimes the laws of physics. I don’t mind if I’m proved wrong, I would just rather give it a go first. This is why no one will play Jenga with me anymore.

I’ve caused a lot of broken glass in my time. I pretty much live my life blindfolded and once, a few years back, I was the root cause of every single fire in Hampshire. I’ve scaled tall buildings, plunged the depths and gone from 0 to 60 on many occasions and for various reasons. I once tried (and failed) to jump an upright Hoover

Yes, challenging yourself can be extremely painful sometimes – but life is just more fun when you try and whip out the load-bearing bit near the bottom.

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