Don’t Step on the Cracks

Contributed by on 22/06/12

I’d made it all the way down the busy high street, past the tricky bit outside Primark where the paving stones are more like tiles, avoided the cobbles in the market square only to round the corner and have this happen. Oh God, my horoscope said this week would bring testing times. I should have listened and stayed indoors.

Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.

And the bears hiding around the corner will eat you.

I hopped over the manhole cover, no problem, but as I went to land I spotted a big gloppy bit of old gum stuck to the paving stone and when I twisted to avoid it, I ended up stamping on a stray jigsaw piece. How random is that?! I put my left foot on a crack and, when I turned over the jigsaw piece it had a crucifix on it. Well, that’s got to be really unlucky, stamping on a crucifix. If I have a shower when I get home, turn the light switch on and off 40 times before I go to sleep, change my bedding and sprinkle salt at the base of the bed maybe, just maybe, I’ll be ok.

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