The Artful Dodger

Contributed by on 16/06/12

You can do anything with force of will. Make a telephone ring or a traffic light change. Make the barman inexplicably pick you over people who’ve been waiting longer. Who knows how it works – perhaps everything has its own frequency and it’s just a case of tuning in and interfering with the wavelength. Making someone fumble as they put their wallet in their back pocket so it sticks out at a handier angle than usual. Intercepting that little reminder to lock the car door which is normally so reliable.

It’s important never to make eye contact. This is not how you compel someone to do what you want. A good hard stare at the back of the head, straight into the synapses is what’s needed. That’s not all there is to it, of course, in fact the telepathy is often the easiest bit. It’s afterwards where the true art lies. The flick of the wrist to retrieve the wallet; slipping through an unlocked door like a shadow and – crucially – getting back out again, undetected, with subtle bumps under one’s clothing the razor-sharp instinct for spotting a CCTV camera.

I tune into people all the time. It’s like taking candy from a baby.

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