Last Night’s TV

Contributed by on 13/06/12

Last Night’s TV

Outside, Looking In
BBC Three 17.30 – 18.00

New show from wilfully obtuse comicbook writer David Baillie chronicling the adventures of Captain Fido. Why couldn’t he just call it Captain Fido? we ask. And we do ask, since the turgid dialogue and navel-gazing voiceover drive us to distraction – to the point where we crave, nay require, human social interaction. I found myself phoning my mother for the first time in years, simply to escape the yawn-inducing existential crisis being hammered out before my eyes.

Captain Fido is, after all, a time-travelling miniature astronaut from the future, piloting a life size (and life like) robot dog. What does he have to be unhappy about?

We (by which I mean my mother and I) think Baillie should stick to the funnybooks with his giant ants and talking frogs. And his accent is far too thick for a voiceover.

* (one star)

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