Jesus Jumped Out of a Helicopter for YOU!

Season 1: 1983

Ep. Title Director Writer(s) Original air date

101 “Mexican Slayride (Part 1)” Rod Holcomb Frank Lupo,
Stephen J. Cannell January 23, 1983 (1983-01-23)

Newspaper reporter, Amy Allen sets out to prove that Jesus – an elite messiah from the banks of Galilee convicted of a crime he did not commit – really exists and is working on the side of the law as a mercenary. She ends up hiring Him to rescue one of her fellow reporters who has been kidnapped by Mexican outlaws. Jesus travels to Mexico in a plane piloted by his fearless but clinically insane pilot, Sinead O’Connor. Rated PG for violence and smoking.

102 “Mexican Slayride (Part 2)” Rod Holcomb Frank Lupo,
Stephen J. Cannell January 23, 1983 (1983-01-23)

Part 2 of the pilot episode in which Jesus has been captured by a group of guerillas and the gang leader he was sent to fight. In the final battle He is assisted by the villagers and with their help, Jesus is able to overthrow the guerillas, save the reporter and make his way home. Once home, Amy Allen blackmails her way into the London Docklands and orders a ciabatta.

103 “Children of Jamestown” Christian I. Nyby II Stephen J. Cannell January 30, 1983 (1983-01-30)

Jesus is hired to rescue a wealthy man’s daughter from a religious cult. The rescue is successful, but Jesus is caught by the cult. Jesus escapes and hides out at a nearby farm. The military police come to arrest Jesus and instead arrest the religious cult. Amy waits – has Jesus forgotten their arrangement?

Special Guest Star: John Saxon as Fabian Nicieza

104 “Pros and Cons” Ron Satlof Stephen J. Cannell February 8, 1983 (1983-02-08)

Jesus is sent to a prison, where he must fight in death matches for the amusement of the warden and several high-profile gamblers. Jesus is able to escape but is captured again. Can he make it to the London Docklands in time to meet Amy for lunch?

Special Guest Star: Meeno Peluce as Steve Martin

104 – series cancelled

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