Disappear Here

I have come so far.

I expected peace when I got here. I thought my mind would clear and my troubles would melt away. But my ears are assaulted by a cacophony of honking car horns, neon in every colour of the spectrum blinds me. The heat is close. The clammy, oppression that usually lives inside me drips out of my pores, sits heavily. There is no way to escape it. Have I come all this way for nothing?

The edges of my mind begin to blur. I feel an overwhelming urge to succumb to a faint that washes over me like the noise and light. Whether this swoon is jet-lag or despair I couldn’t tell you.

It is the sickly rolling of my eyes that first alerts me to the symbols. Slowly reluctantly, I come back to my senses. I take an uneasy step back, staggered by both the sight and the near-faint. I squint across the city at it, the noise dimming and finally fading as my eyes grow sharper, more focused.

The red symbols float and dance in front of my eyes but my head is no longer swimming. The symbols are off in the distant yet I feel like I could reach out and catch them. This makes sense to me. Suddenly everything does. I know these symbols. They are from a time in my childhood when Ouija boards seemed mystical. When clearing your mind and scribing whatever came to you was entertainment. I have thought nothing of it for years. I haven’t had the chance to. But now my mind is clear once again. This time, the symbols channel me.

Instinctively, I start my journey towards them. I’m being pulled. They could be calling me to true love, sanity or death. But I no longer care which.

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