A Cry In The Dark

Contributed by on 28/05/12

Because this is the future,
This is the past,
This is the only thing,
That will ever last,
The key to tomorrow,
A word for today,
Don’t think the feeling,
Is going away.
Neon light on the highway,
A sign in the dark,
A way for believers,
To leave their mark,
To say this is one world,
And that we have hope,
That we’ll stand against lies,
That we’re all broke.
We won’t be your slaves,
We won’t be your serfs,
Do you think we’re all stupid,
Do you have the nerve,
To bind us with lies,
To make us bow down,
Tell us that you own,
Our cities and towns?
You gambled our money,
Sent us to the wall,
We offered you help,
And you took it all,
Kept it all for yourself,
You’re drowning in greed,
Then left us to rot,
In our time of need.
So people rise up,
Enough is enough,
We’ve seen what this leads to,
Fields drenched in blood,
We will not fight for you,
Your profit and loss,
Your wealth and your power,
Don’t make you the boss.
Our blood is our own,
Not yours to spill,
We reject your lies,
We reject your false religion,
False politics,
False economics,
False history,
And assert unequivocally,
And without exception,
Our free will.

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