Contributed by on 26/05/12

1 Popular mis-spelling of ‘the’ (3)
9 Common attire at a toga party (3, 5)
10 Frankie Boyle has one (4)
14 Boris Johnston is one (4)
15 Suppository (anag) (11)
17 What a bouncer might say if you leave a toga party and try to get into the Wetherspoons next door (4, 3)
18 The name of a pub that might let you in, dressed only in 9 Across (7)
19 The third worst beer in the pub, which tastes slightly of vomit (6)
22 The number of pints of it I drank anyway (6)
26 The size of a hangover one can expect after attending a toga party (4)
28 A place I have woken up in (6)
29 The only job at this newspaper more demeaning than coming up with the crossword clues (6, 7)

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